Building An Evangelistic Church by Bill Echols

Scripture Reference: Matthew 16:13-19

Introduction: Those who are interested in church growth are forever trying to find the right method. Being the right kind of people and having the right kind of heart is much more important than the method we use.

I. He Will Build On Spirituality (Phil 2:5).

A. The bible teaches we are to become “partakers” of the divine nature” (II Peter 1:4)

  1. This means we are to become like God. As we develop spirituality, we have the mind of Christ. When a church begins to think as Jesus did, it will be an evangelistic church (Luke 19:10).
  2. It takes spiritually minded people to give, work, and live as to cause the church to grow.

B. Let us resolve to develop ourselves spiritually.

1. We should put into our schedule time each day to study God’s word. We should also schedule a time to win souls each week. We never have time; we must make it.

2. How did the church grow so greatly in the first century? Not because of miracles, but the gospel (Rom 1:16). Boldly they preached (Acts 5:42; 6:7; 11:21; 12:24).

II.  Build Love.

A. Jesus declares that love is the identifying characteristic of his disciples (Jn. 13:34,35)

1. If God’s people had the degree of love they should, more people would be eagerly listening to what we have to say. People rarely see genuine acts of love.

2. We can help them. Many would want to be a part of us and would gladly listen to our message.

III. Build An Evangelistic Leadership.

A. One of the greatest problems in the church today is leadership.

B. Far too often leadership is hesitant.

  1. Whether we are interested in church growth or not, God wants it (Luke 14:21, 23). Go quickly!
  2. If the Lord does not want the church to grow, why did he give the Great Commission? (Mk 16:15)

IV. Build a Trained Membership.

A. After we have taught and baptized people, we are to teach them to teach others (Mt 28:19, 20).

  1. There is teaching before and after baptism. That after baptism involves teaching converts to do all that Christ commands. That is in the N.T. (I Tim 3:15).  The early disciples went preaching (Acts 8:4).
  2. We can touch the lives of more than the average Christian did in the first century.

B. There are not many soul winners in most churches because we have not trained soul winners.

V.  Build By Sowing Bountifully.

A. We have the guarantee of God that if we sow bountifully, we will reap bountifully (II Cor 9:6).

  1. The principle is true in any area that requires sowing.
  2. If we want a crop of Christians, we must sow seed of the kingdom bountifully.

B. The Jerusalem church was accused of having filled their city with doctrine of Christ (Acts 5:28).

  1. They sowed the seed bountifully daily (Acts 5:42). Even persecution did not stop the early Christians (Acts 8:4).
  2. More than half the world today has never heard of a portion of the gospel.

VI. Build With Evangelistic Assemblies.

A. The Bible teaches we are to worship properly (John 4:24).

  1. The Corinthians became spiritually sick because their worship was lacking (1 Cor. 11:30).
  2. Our meetings need to be always warm, friendly, vibrant and joyful.

B. Let us take a hard look at our assemblies. Why should anyone return if there is nothing for them?

VII. Build By Faith (II Cor 5:7).

A. If we plan with faith, God will bless our work.

B. It takes a positive attitude to build an evangelistic church.

  1. Weak faith will not fill classrooms, cause sacrifice or powerful preaching.
  2. The only real motivation is by what we believe. Faith comes from Gods word (Rom 10:17). Faith is powerful (Mk 9:23; Phil 4:13; Lk 1:37).

C. The first few chapters of Acts describe the growth of the Jerusalem church.

  1. After some 3000 converts the first day, there were additions daily (Acts 2:41, 47).
  2. Soon the number was thousands (Acts 4:4). The early church was sowing a lot of seed? Why? They had faith!

VIII.  Build By Prayer (John 14:14)

A. God blesses prayer.

  1. Why do we not have more growth? (Jas 4:2)
  2. Why not pray for the things that will enable you to lead people to Christ? (Jas 4:3).
  3. Prayer will cause us to love each other, to love the Lord, to grow spiritually, to have greater faith and dedication, and to work harder for God.

B. Such a church will become a truly evangelistic church where God is glorified (John 15:8).

Conclusion: Apostolic methods have not failed. God is not a God of failure. Who is in control of your life and this church? If God does not control your life, let him.