God Remembers!!!

Then God remembered Noah (Genesis 8:1, NKJV)
These words introduce the part of the story in which God removes the water from the earth. God judges us and He punishes us, but He also remembers us.  Read Psalm 103:1-14. We may question whether God understands and remembers us during some difficult time of life (Whether through some fault of our own or not). We are reassured of the answer – God remembers. The people of Israel suffered in brutal slavery in Egypt for 400 years and may well have wondered “Does God even remember us?” Indeed, God heard their groaning and remembered… (Exodus 2:24-25).
You may be experiencing some serious difficulty in your life. Do not despair; God remembers. In time He will cause the flood to abate and He will deliver you if you trust Him.  
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