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WHAT IT MEANS TO PREACH JESUS…. By Bill Echols -Evangelist

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WHAT IT MEANS TO PREACH JESUS….  By Bill Echols -Evangelist

Scripture Reference: Acts 8: 1-8 Introduction: Luke gives an interesting and informative account of the work of Philip, the evangelist. He makes two statements about Philip that will serve as a beginning for this lesson (Acts 8:5, 35). I.  WHAT DID PHILIP DO WHEN HE PREACHED CHRIST? A. Many of the details are not given in Acts 8. He did not preach his opinions. Nothing has damaged the cause of Christ more than man’s opinions. Likewise, he did not preach any modern denominational dogmas or doctrines. He did not preach human wisdom or philosophy (I Cor. 2:12, 13). B.  Guided by the Spirit, he preached the same as the apostles. What he preached was true (John...

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